Sunday, 24 November 2013

Back from our honeymoon

Hi everyone

We are back from our honeymoon and I can report that we had a fantastic time the pictures say it all.

In the pictures above you can see my wrap around pants that I made a few hours before we left for the airport.  I used Simplicity 4192 and they were wonderful and if and when I go on another holiday to sunny climes, then I will make some more of these, would be great in black or white because they were the perfect cover over my swimsuit before going for lunch.

We arrived home last Saturday around midnight, and were both back to work Monday morning, which I can tell you was a bit of a culture shock after our amazing holiday.

Sewing projects are still very much on the back burner because we are trying to get the rest of our boxes unpacked, beds made up etc etc., and be as ready as we will ever be for a family of 18 here for Christmas, but you never know, I may not be able to hold out much longer and have a play and hopefully finish my little granddaughter's quilt.

Hope you are all sewing up a storm, catch you later...................

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Honeymoon time

Well this has been a very very busy 5 1/2 months for me.

Back in May my D Mike and I got married.  A few weeks later a text from my D Mike's eldest son

resulted in me putting my house up for sale, and us buying our new house which we moved into on the 18th October where we have to most fantastic views.

Last week (only 1 week after moving into our house we had a terrible storm resulting in the loss of around 5 large trees in the garden which took two guys the whole day to clear up only some of them, no electricity for 5 days, resulting in us having to throw away the entire contents of our freezers, and

 today, 5 1/2 months after our wedding we are waiting in the airport lounge for our flight to have two wonderful weeks of sun, sea and sand for our honeymoon.

I did manage today to sew up Simplicity 4192 wrap around trousers which I have packed in my suitcase.

I'll catch you in two weeks, bye for now...........................