Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Meet Monti & Free Knitting pattern

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.  Yet again I have something else to occupy my time and I'd like to introduce you to Monti our handsome 11 week old Italian Spinone brown roan puppy.

I haven't had a dog for almost 14 years due to my work commitments so this is a lovely addition to our growing menage .  The house sits in four acres of land, and we overlook the river and I would often look out of our windows and see people walking their dogs and I would yearn for another dog.

Work travel has reduced to just a handful of 2-3 day trips which means I was in a position to think about another dog.

This is  a breed that I have admired for almost 25 years and I am delighted that my darling Mike agreed to us getting him, so dear readers watch this space and see how he grows up.

I still haven't done any sewing, and indeed I was meant to join my lovely sewing friends in Canterbury at the weekend for the day, but sadly I have been laid low with flu like symptoms and just couldn't face the 3+ hour drive, but caught up on their fun via Sigrid's blog.

I have been knitting when I can, and this is the pattern below which was a free download that you can find here.  I am using a nice Aran yarn, and when I started this project I couldn't buy the exact wool shown in the photo, so instead I decided to go with a mottled brown colour as you can see in the picture below, but I have now obtained the exact same colour to use at a later date.

I have finished the back, and am 3/4 way through the front, so hopefully I'll be able to wear it by Christmas. 

This is only part of a complete outfit I want to make - I saw a wonderful ensemble put together in a magazine - brown skinny leg trousers, blue floral blouse, the brown aran cable knit jumper all finished off with some lovely brown brogue shoes.  I have the shoes,  so I just need to keep going with all the other items. 

So that is all my news, I hope your sewing/knitting/crafting is going great and you are getting ready for Christmas.  I have been buying my presents early so am 80% ready for Xmas.

Catch you later.............