Tuesday, 22 July 2014

No sewing for ages and I have 3 garments to write about

Hi everyone how you doing?  We are having a really hot July, and a great deal of time has been taken up watering the garden allotment and looking after my chooks, but I have managed to do some sewing.

First up Vogue 9004.

This is a really attractive pattern, which appears more difficult than it actually is.  I chose two pieces of linen I had in my stash for this, however the biscuit coloured fabric feels a little harsh at the moment, so needs to go in the wash again I think to soften it up.

I have seen a couple of other reviews where they have used a stretch knit for this, and that is my next plan so watch this space.

Nice pattern, other options to choose from too.

Next up is a pattern taken from my Prima magazine.  I have sewn this before in a pretty blue knit, but this beautifully soft knit was purchased in Birmingham's Rag Market with my friend Viv.

The whole top is sewn on my Babylock overlocker and then I changed it to the cover-stitch mode to stitch the hems.  My previous version didn't have any sleeves, so I decided to add these little cap sleeves to ring the changes.

Last but not least, and very late coming to the party, we have Butterick 5917.  This fabric was found in my loft, previously owned by my mother.  There was a black border to it, which I just about managed to cut enough to make the frill (albeit a little less deep than the pattern).  I lined the bodice in a very soft cotton jersey.

I do like this pattern and will definitely sew it again.

The eagle-eyed among you will be thinking that these fabrics don't shout summer - and you are quite right.  I didn't intend to sew such dark colours, it was a combination of what fabric came to hand and the colour of the thread in the overlocker and sewing machine ........ yes really lazy, but hey at least I have sewn some items.

I think that the lovely visit from my fellow blogger Sigrid and her husband last week probably spurred me to do some more sewing - they are enjoying a short break in the UK and hopefully enjoying this beautiful weather we are having.

Catch you later........................