Useful tutorials

Have you ever found a really great link to a site and put a bookmark somewhere, and then forgotten all about it - well I have.  So I decided to add an extra page to my blog detailing all these great tips I have found on other blogs and the internet and want to share them with you all (and allow me to find when I need them) - I hope they help help you too.

These blogs are not in any particular order - they are all great.

Video: An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper (Threads) This is a really useful tutorial that makes putting in a flat fly-front zipper so easy thanks to Sandra Betzina

Nancy Zieman's slide and pivot method of changing patterns

Tea Towel wallet

How to make a Pin Pouch - You Tube tutorial

Sigrid Sewing Projects

Sigrid is a lovely lady (I have met in person) who lives in the Netherlands and is a real inspiration to me - I have added some of her tutorials from her site here which I am sure you will also find invaluable.

Sleeve vent - method 1
Sleeve vent - method 2
Bagging a lining: where the lining meets the facing
Cutting a shirt collar in one pattern piece
Bra with partial scallop band

La Sewista

Bunny is the owner of the La Sewista blog - I would love to meet her as she is another inspiration for me.  She has a wealth of tutorials on her blog, and I am trying to add as many as I can here for you too.

Sewing bias strips
Piping corners and curves

It's a Pretty Modern Life

Fully lined zippered box pouch - pattern and tutorial

Off the Cuff

Adding seam allowance to Burda Style patterns

Silhouette Patterns

Link to all the webcasts

Marcy Tilton

Tissue Fitting a T-shirt - Part 1 

Tissue Fitting a T-Shirt - Part 2


  1. Thank you. I found Marcy Tilton's videos very helpful!