Chanel Jacket

Join me in my Chanel Jacket making project.  I have had this on my to-do list and confess have held back because of the amount of work involved and not wanting to ruin my beautiful linton tweed fabric.

Here you will find links to my posts, together with other links that I am sure you will love.

My chanel Jacket No.2 - Journey

Chanel Jacket No.2 - Part 1
Chanel Jacket No. 2 progress - Part 2
Chanel Jacket No. 2 Nearly there - Part 3
Chael Jacket No.2 Finished - Part 4

My Chanel jacket No.1 - Journey

Chanel Jacket - The idea and inspiration  Part 1
Chanel Jacket - Cutting the paper pattern and making the muslin Part 2
Chanel Jacket - My test jacket Part 3
Chanel Jacket - dying the trim, interfacing and start quilting Part 4
Chanel Jacket - More progress on the quilting - Part 5
Chanel Jacket - quilting and side seams - Part 6
Chanel Jacket - Quilting and side seams finished - Part 7
Chanel Jacket - 90% finished - Part 8
Chanel Jacket - Completed - Part 9

Other bloggers who have made their own Chanel jacket

Chanel type jacket for Tamara - Sew Passionista by Diana (Diana has a great blog worth checking out).

Other links to help you make your Chanel jacket 

Useful supplies links

You may find these links useful if you are looking for fabric, buttons etc.

Linton Tweed - this company actually produce the fabric for Chanel
Button Covering Services - I have seen some of these and they are fantastic
Chains this is what I used in my test jacket

Youtube clips

Look at these clips to see why Chanel's classic tweed jacket is worth around $2000/£1260 ( exchange rates as at April 2012)

Chanel Little Black Jacket Making - Of part 1

The Chanel Litte Black Jacket - making of part 2


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