About Me

My name is Pauline and I have been sewing since my Mother bought me my first toy sewing machine as a child.

My mother used to sew professionally and when she was alive I could always go to her and ask for help to do something, sadly, since her death, I now use various web sites such as Pattern Review and Stitcher’s Guild and the many brilliant blogs out in cyber land where some seriously talented ladies and gents offer up a wealth of experienced tips, advice and friendship.

I hope some of you will follow my sewing journey, and I look forward to hearing from any fellow bloggers with your tips or comments to my posts, which is one of my highlights of blogging.


  1. Hi there Pauline,

    So happy that I have found your blog.........I also follow Bunny.

    Have had my Linton Tweed stashed for years, whilst living abroad. Am back home in the U.K. now, for good and looking forward to moving into our new home in a couple of weeks time. First job, set up sewing room/study, second job..........yes you have guessed, finally get to it and make my chanel jacket.

    Thanks for all the details about how you did yours. Must let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for sharing. Marysia.

    1. Marysla,

      thank you for your note - Bunny's blog is wonderful isn't it. Oh you must use your Linton Tweed - I have just done a post in my outfit and it felt beautiful to wear. Good luck setting up your sewing room/study and let me see how you get on with your jacket.

  2. Wow your smoking hot in that blouse. I think I have a crush on you or the top, not sure yet.

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    Thanks Brett
    Keep zigging and zagging