Sunday, 21 July 2013

McCalls 5879 - Work in progress & my weekend.

Hi Everyone

life is still hectic, packing, cleaning, gardening etc in preparation for enticing a potential buyer to put in an offer on the house.

We had a 40th Anniversary party last night, and stayed overnight at the venue.  It was  also one of our granddaughter's birthday today.  Little Ella was 2 years old so we popped into her little birthday party for a couple of hours.  Here she is below with her party baloons.

Just before we went to the party, we went to check our the local marina near to the house that we buying with a view to moving Mike's little racing boat down there.  It was so lovely, children were fishing for crabs, all the small yachts were out sailing, the foot ferry was going back and forth to the island - it was lovely, making me want to move sooner.  

Still, my post stated McCalls 5879 in the title so I had best chat to you about that.  Foolishly I thought that I could cut this out and sew it up in time for the party, all on Saturday - yes I can hear you all laughing at me lol.  Sadly my "speed queen" title let me down, due to the pleasant arrival of my son, wife and two grandchildren, along with the periodic cry of help from my D Mike to assist  him in assembling a very large swing/slide combo, meant that by 5pm I had only just attached the ruffle of the dress.

I have loved this pattern ever since I saw it.  It has a sort of art deco look about it and I just think it so pretty and feminine.  I have used a sheer chiffon which is a creamy peach colour with slightly raised black spots.  Sadly I didn't have enough fabric to cut out the large sash that goes with this, so I decided to do a rolled hem in a black thread with my Babylock serger/overlocker to compliment the black spot, and will probably make a black sash to go with this, or even wear it with a black belt.

I am using the same nude coloured lining that I used for the wedding/bridesmaid dresses, synthetic, not entirely sure of the fabric.  I didn't follow the instructions to line the ruffle, leaving it sheer, along with the ruffles that go on the hem.  I will edge those in black too.

This is still work in progress.  I am pretty sure that some of the instructions are missing, or I am just too tired to work it out, but think they have missed a chunk of info out.   I'll re-read again tomorrow.  So far I love the look of the dress, and will now probably wear this to a wedding that we have been invited to in September.

That's my lot for tonight - its late, and the sun and sea air have made me really tired.

I hope you are all sewing up a storm.  Catch you later........


  1. The black edging really sets off the ruffle. Lovely dress! Sometimes other things get in the way of sewing, and that's just life.

  2. I've also bought this pattern but being Down-under am still working through my Winter sewing. I'll be watching your progress closely.

  3. The black edging really sets off the ruffle. A black belt or sash will certainly make this dress and it will be perfect to wear to a wedding.

  4. Gorgeous dress, Pauline...cut yourself a little slack...your life is BUSY right now!

  5. Love the pics of you on the dock. The dress is very pretty and your grand-daughter is cute as a button.

  6. That little birthday girl is such a cutie! Okay, with everything that's going on in your life, I don't know how you 1) know where your camera is, 2) know where enough of your sewing supplies are that you can be making this BEAUTIFUL dress, 3) can put thoughts together to write a blog post. Pauline, you are amazing!!!

  7. thanks for all your comments ladies

  8. What a fun weekend! Your dress is very pretty and I do love that pattern too. Look forward to seeing its completion.