Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Activities

Happy New Year everyone were you in bed by 10pm like us????  Yes I know we are soooooooo boring lol.

I still don't have any sewing news for you, but I can report that we are making progress with emptying boxes, re-sorting my kitchen cupboards and getting guest bedrooms ready for the influx of guests we are expecting over the next few weeks.

I did purchase a little book - 500 quilt blocks when ordering some books for our niece for Christmas, but I haven't even had a chance to look at it yet but I am going to take it with me for my next train trip.on Sunday.

We did have two exciting events happen that we actually managed to get photographic evidence of - a couple of days ago our resident barn owl decided to come out for a late lunch and delighted us with a fantastic display of daytime hunting in our garden.  I think she is so beautiful and I have even seen her going in and out of our owl box, so fingers crossed we may get to see some babies.

There has been a lot of posts in the sewing cyber world on "Top 5 of 2013" - for me I don't really have 5, my greatest achievement last year was making all the dresses for my wedding (9 in total), anything else fades into the background for me.

I am starting to see the light - and I think I will be able to sit and do some sewing, probably next month now, without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else.


As usual, catch you later.



  1. Happy new year Pauline. How special these owl photos are. You won't get to sewing with these things happening to watch and the views of the sunset you showed earlier.
    And so nice to see the photo of your wedding day and all the dresses you made,mI can imagine the rest of your sewing is less important. This was so special and wonderful.

  2. All of the wedding attire IS a spectacular achievement you can be very proud of .

  3. Happy New Year! Yes, we painted the town 'beige' as well on New Year's Eve ~ must be a sign of the times. Still in awe of your fantastic sewing from 2013, with the wedding the pinnacle of the year ... J

  4. I think your wedding sewing more than compensates for your top five! Wishing you and Mike a very happy and healthy New Year. We were in bed early, too ;-)

  5. You did a lion's share of sewing this past year with your wedding. Then you moved!!! A little time off is a very good thing.

  6. Oh, Pauline, I think your wedding ensembles were in the top five of all the sewing bloggers. Thanks for those wonderful owl pics, too. I have heard owls in our suburban neighborhood but never seen them. Sounds like they might be planning a productive 2014 also.

  7. A owl! How magical!! I do hope you see some owlets :)
    Your wedding ensemble was a masterpiece of sewing! each piece was spectacular on its own and as a whole; breath-taking!

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