Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bathrooms - repeat fabric to make a dress to go with my jacket.

There was no lay-in this morning for my D Mike and I because we had to do a 75 mile trip to look at some glass worktops for the kitchen we are decorating. The samples we saw didn't disappoint when we got there, so we just need to give them the measurements and we will be done.

We are also looking for bathroom suites and we found a shop that sells exactly what we are looking for that was not too far from our first destination- having waiting around for ages for them to open, unfortunately we found out the shop was shut for two day (no notice up though) agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

On our way back home I managed to persuade my D Mike to take a little detour so I could go to the market where I purchased the fabric for the suit I am making. I wanted to see if by any chance the shop had any of the same fabric left on the roll, and can you believe it they did. I purchased another 3 metres so that I can make a skirt and hopefully a dress so I can wear the suit in many different ways.

Of course because everything is only £1 a metre I purchased some other pieces to make the money up to £20. All fabric has been washed and dried ready to be cut out.

No sewing tonight but I have most of tomorrow to sew before I head off to The Hague for 4 days. I have to put my brown piping on the jacket and line it - so fingers crossed I can get it finished so I can take it away with me.

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