Saturday, 9 April 2011

Interfacing attached to McCalls Jacket 4394

Phew - I am trying to follow the techniques from my tailoring course, and using a combination of perfect fuse tailor, and Gill Arnold's sheer interfacings, I have been pressing these pieces on to the fashion fabric.  It has taken me over two hours to cut out the interfacing and then press it onto the fabric.

I have decided to throw in the towel tonight before it gets much later so I can get up bright and breezy in the morning, with a fresh head to mark up all the pieces and attach shoulder guards, roll tape etc.  This may be a lot of effort for some fabric that cost me £1 a metre - substantially less than the interfacing, but so far the pants and the blouse have turned out so nice, I think it's worth the effort on two counts: 1. I am able to perfect my techniques and if it all goes wrong at the last minute it is really only my opportunity cost of time that I have lost; 2. I will get a lovely jacket to go with my suit.

No photo's right now will take some before I start marking up the pieces.

More tomorrow..........................


  1. I just looked back to find your Chanel boucles and Oh my I'm so envious. How I would love the chance to buy some of that.I'll be very interested to watch what you come up with. I do know what you mean about cutting into expensive fabric. i bought a piece of beautiful wool double knit that came from the Valentino workrooms when I was in Paris in the fall and am terrified to commit to what it will become.

  2. Diana

    Linton have a good mail order site and will happily send out swatches so at least you know you can buy this stuff, and I know they ship worldwide. Having looked at your standard of sewing from your blog, you have no problems in investing in this fabric. I travel a lot for work and am about 20lbs heavier than I should be - so confess that I want to lose the weight before making this jacket up - silly I know, so I am practicing my techniques on the cheaper fabrics - I have a wedding in September so would love to lose the weight and make up the pink and black for the wedding. Thanks for the comments and I will follow your progress.