Friday, 17 June 2011

Balmoral DK jacket

I haven't knitted for about 10 years or more, but a few lovely knitted garments on the Sewing Discussion at Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum gave me the encouragement to pop to my local shop and go through many books to find a pattern and some wool to get going.

This is the Sirdar, Balmoral DK pattern

Dress size:10-20
To fit bust:32"/81cm - 42"/107cm

I am using the Kingcole Riot double knitting wool in these lovely mix of colours.

This is a simple stocking stich for the bulk of the jacket, all using just a size 4mm needle.  The hem and cuffs are 4 simple rows of 1st Row knit, 2nd Row purl, 3rd Row P1, K1 4th P1, k1B.

I started this last Sunday and finished the back last night and started the left front.  Sadly I didn't bring more than the one ball of wool so will have to wait until I get home to get going again.

I have found the knitting quite relaxing.  I have ascertained that I am unable to just do one thing at a time.  If I am watching TV I am knitting.  If I am sewing I have the TV on in the background.  If I using my running machine, I often take out my laptop with me and watch one of my sewing DVD's or read a book from my ipad.

I travel a lot, and while there are lots of fantastic blogs to visit, and my favourite sites such Discussion at Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum and to name a few its still nice to be productive too.

Watch this space hopefully I will get this finished in a couple of weeks (if not sooner).  Now the initial knitting cramps in my little finger have gone (I seem to hold the wool using my little finger and when I started knitting it almost locked into place) I am definitely knitting quicker so look forward to finishing it and attempting something a bit more involved - this is a lovely easy pattern to ease me into knitting again gently.

I have been sewing too, and need to upload my recent additions to my wardrobe but will do that over the weekend.  I made a pair of pants/trousers in a black suiting fabric and a frilled blouse - both of which I have worn on my business trip.  Indeed, everything I have worn this week, except for my underware and cardigans are what I have made myself, so I am quite proud of that.

It sure is good to be back into sewing and knitting again rather than painting.

More later....................................

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  1. Cute sweater/jacket. Love the color you chose. Please post when you are done with it.