Sunday, 19 June 2011

Variation on Butterick Blouse 5464

You may recall that I made up this Butterick Blouse pattern 5464 in a leopard print fabric earlier in the year and I have worn it for work and love it.  I wanted to make another in a crease resistant fabric that I could pack in my bag for work trips so decided to use the same pattern but make a couple of variations.

First I added a short sleeve to the blouse using another sleeve as a template and I reduced the size of the ruffle down the front.

Having mastered the rolled hem on my Babylock surger I rolled the hem on the ruffle, sleeve and bottom hem.

 Here you can see the original ruffle on in the background, with the reduced sized ruffle on top - I think going forward that I will use the smaller ruffle.

 I had this lilac cardigan that I purchased some years ago, and it had some chiffon fabric threaded through the holes in the front.  I decided to replace the old chiffon, and make two new ribbons from the blouse fabric, here you can see the cardigan on Edna over a lilac dress (work in progress), and over the blouse - I think I can get away with wearing the blouse over the dress with a belt and double its use.

I purchased a bag of mixed buttons from a lady on ebay - it had a large number of lovely pearlised buttons, which also match the buttons on the cardigan.

All in all I am really pleased.  I wore the blouse with my black pants (see later posting for details) when I was in Paris last week with a green cardigan, and they looked great.


  1. This cardigan and blouse set turned out so nice, Pauline. Repurposing the cardigan by "tying" it into the blouse with the matching fabric strips was a stroke of pure genius.

  2. This looks like a great addition to your wardrobe. Love the cardi too.