Friday, 4 January 2013

Teacakes that turned into a fruit loaf

I may have mentioned before that I make my own bread, and today I needed to make a loaf.

I made my dough for the bread and put it on to rise, and after the first rise, I decided to make some tea cakes (as per Paul Hollywood's recipe).  I had the recipe book open and weighed out the flour, salt, yeast, sugar and then looked at the recipe and saw it needed 3 eggs, warm milk, butter etc., so proceeded to add the rest of the ingredients.  I was looking at the mixture thinking that it looked a little wet and then realised the error!!!!!  My page had flipped over and I had made a hybrid of the two recipes.

The Fruit loaf required other fruits and dried peel which I didn't have, so invention being the mother of necessity, I added the mixed spices, extra sultanas and some more flour to make it less wet.

Here are some pictures of the what I intended making and what I did make.

I have tried one of the smaller teacakes (which are still large) topped with some lemon icing and it was yummy - I hope they last until tomorrow/Sunday because no good for my diet, but well worth making.

Below is a picture of a plaited loaf I made earlier in the week.  I wanted to try an 8 plait loaf, but sadly I just gave up and turned it into a 3 plait loaf - perhaps next time.  This is a combination of white and wholewheat flour with mixed seeds that I just throw into the mix and onto to the top before baking.

Now on to finding a pattern to sew my birthday blouse.

Catch you later................


  1. YUMMMY... lOOKS FANTASTIC..some times our mistakes ends up making a great new invention. This looks like this might just be the case..
    The bread looks so wonderful.. I think I could eat the whole loaf .ha

  2. Your home must have smelt deliciously yummy with all this baking happening!
    And a birthday blouse - heading out anywhere special for the birthday???

  3. Your bread is so pretty! I make homemade bread also, nothing like it!

  4. Looks fantastic, pity you can't taste from the screen. I have been baking a lot of bread lately too and love the smell of it in the house.

  5. Your bread looks great. I use to make bread but haven't for years. Maybe I will make buns later on when I have the time. I have a lovely recipe for those.

  6. I have a bread maker but you put me to shame by doing it the 'real' way. Nice mistake to make too.

  7. I just hope what I´m baking today looks as yummy. Tomorrow it´s the Three Kings day and when all the spanish children get their presents. For the ocasion, in every home we buy a ring-shaped cake, more like a sweet bread scented with orange peel and orange-flower water, decorated with sugar and almonds. This year I´m giving it a go, waiting for the first rise here and wishing it looks half as good as what I see in your photos!