Friday, 18 January 2013

Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid shoes

Ok, so I still have to lose some more weight to reach my target, but I took the opportunity to try on a wedding dress today.

There is a shop, close to the flat in London that sell wedding dresses by the designer I like, and who I am taking my inspiration from, so thought  I would try one on.  I am glad I did, because I made a few mental changes to my original plan (but still in keeping with the Art Deco theme).

What I can say, is the dress is beaded, and I have now ordered some bugle beads and small round beads, so that I can try out some beading using a tambour hook.  Sadly I couldn't find a tambour hook for sale on the internet, so the nearest thing I could find, that is very similar, is one that is used to weave real hair extensions (lets hope it works), however I am worried that the hook may be too large for the tiny bugle beads.  If any of you know where to get a tambour hook, please let me know, but I have ordered 6mm beads.

I have found some shoes that two of my bridesmaid like, so have ordered them - the third adult bridesmaid (the others being young children) is very tall, and said that they were far too high for her, so will go for a flat pair.

I also found some Art Deco inspired earrings, so have also ordered those.  I am inching my way forward, but there is still so much to do.

My Friend cancelled her trip to come and stay with me this weekend because of the snow, so I will have to drag my D Mike out with me if we decide to go tomorrow.

Hope you are all doing something wonderful this weekend.

Catch you later.................


  1. Hi! I know your dress is going to be stunning. Besides I like all things art dec√≥...Can´t wait!
    I´m trying to make a simple bra and it´s turning out anything but wonderful...I could use your experience here! Have a fun weekend

  2. Hi Merche, if you want to send me an email at my PR account, and give me your email address with your question, I'll see if I can be any help, if not I certainly know who to ask.

  3. You are ticking off a few boxes on your 'wedding-to-so-list' with all of the above. It must be so much fun hunting around and organising your wedding. The beading sounds brilliant - sorry, can't help with the tambour hook though...J

  4. Love the beading idea.. Just know your dress is going to be beautiful.. Hope you find the tanbour hook..
    Wasn't it fun trying on the wedding dresses..

  5. Now if you had ever had a look at my sewing room, you would have known to ask me first if I had a tambour hook. And the answer would have been "YES". I bought it - on the net somewhere - when I was planning the wedding dress for my friend's daughter. In the end I didn't use it. So,it's languishing sadly, but not lonely(!), waiting to be useful.
    I can lend you it if you like?(Even though it hasn't - yet - been used, I want to keep it "just in case").
    However, if you really want your very own (and let's face it, who wouldn't!!), I've just had a look at mine.It's Clover Article No 9900 "Kantan couture" Bead embroidery tool.

    1. Actually, I'm almost certain I ordered it from here: