Friday, 21 June 2013

Brompton Bike Bags & Paris trip

Hi Everyone,

Not too much to report on sewing wise because I had a business trip to Paris.  I arrived Tuesday evening into Paris Gare du Nord and it was really hot and sunny.

Sadly the weather changed the following day, due to torrential rain, and the city became a hot steamy mess but I did manage to get a couple of pictures of the Louvre as the taxi sat in a queue.  Unfortunately, having travelled to Paris many times, I have yet to visit this museum, but one day soon, when I am not rushing around to meetings I'll find the time to go.

I have managed to test-drive my new Brompton Laptop bag - well of course its not just for my laptop because I popped all my thank-you cards and my tiny handbag/purse into the case and cycled to the post office Monday, and today I used it to hold my handbag when I cycled to the garage to collect Mike's car from its service.

The bag is great and ticks all the boxes in respect of what I want to use it for.  I can get my work laptop, my mini ipad, my glasses case, waterproof trousers, a magazine, work papers and my small handbag in the bag - perfect for my daily commute to work.

I will have to sew another one of these bags for Mike to use, with a couple of small modifications (his needs to be slightly deeper by about 1") so I am not sure if I'll get any other sewing in, but we will see.

Enjoy your Friday evening and hope to catch you again before the working week starts again.


  1. I really need to stop sewing dresses and start sewing some bags for the summer. Loved watching those photos of Paris. I went there with my mom when I was pregnant with my daughter and we spent a whole day visiting the Louvre. So much to see!
    This year we will be visiting London, and we are taking the girl along!

  2. Yes, you should find time to visit Paris properly (and go to the fabric shops!) Nice to have the perfect bag for your laptop and some other things you have to take.

  3. Paris! How I long to go back one more time! I too need to sew a bag to match a pair of shoes. Soon.You've inspired me.