Monday, 7 October 2013

Still here and packing

Hi everyone, just to let you know I am still alive and still packing.  I am slowing running out of space in the house due to the ever growing pile of boxes accumulating in various rooms in the    house. 

All I can say to fellow sewers out there, if you are planning a move, and you have been in the same house for 15+ years then make sure you factor in enough time.  I am trying to be good and not just throw everything into the boxes on the assumption that I will sort through it when I unpack.  You know and I know that is unlikely to happen, so I am sorting, through everything including paperwork, clothes, food cupboards etc and discarding anything I don't need or want, and will aim to take a 2nd look at everything when I unpack too.

Sadly I had to pull out of the Deepika (PR) meet up in London on Sunday because I only have the weekend just passed and next weekend to finish everything.  I was really glad I didn't go, to add to my busy schedule, I have caught my DH cold too.

My only sewing related fixture between now and moving is the pleasure of meeting up with Sigrid next Tuesday evening when I have to fly to the Netherlands for work.  When I return on the Wednesday night I have only ONE DAY to finalise all the packing.

Thats all from me for a while.  I hope you are all sewing like mad.

Catch you later...............


  1. Good luck on the packing and a wish that moving day will go smoothly!

  2. I am sympathizing with your situation but it will all be worth it! Good luck on moving day, hope the weather is fine.

  3. Good luck with your packing. You will find that unpacking organized boxes will be a delight.

  4. Pity you could not make it for the meetup with Deepika. It's just one of those things that's too much and you have to let go. Looking forward to meeting you next week, we can have a very relaxed evening/dinner, you need it!

  5. What a busy year for you, Pauline! thinking of you midst all the packing bustle, hope it continues to go well. Think you're very smart to go thru things now, you'll be so glad when you unpack :-)

  6. I can imagine what a hard work that is! It is really a very busy year for you. But in no time you´ll be sewing in your new and totally awesome house!