Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lilly-Grace 1st birthday - quilt finished

Well readers I finally finished Lilly's quilt ready for her 1st birthday party which I hosted at my home on Saturday for Lilly and 50 of her close friends.

The weather started off raining cats and dogs and blowing a gale, but fortunately the sun came out for around 2 hours and allowed the children to play on the bouncy castle.

Below are a couple of pictures of Lilly in her birthday frock and the finished quilt.

Her bedroom is decorated in lemon and pink and I tried to incorporate these into the quilt.

Being still considered a novice at quilt making, this was one of the more complicated (for me) quilts to make, and the topstitching seemed to take for ever, but I am really pleased with the result.

I have backed it in a lovely soft brushed cotton, ideal for those days when you need a quilt to cuddle up with.

I hope you are all sewing up a storm, until next time, catch you later.............................


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure Lily-Grace will cherish this when she's older and enjoy it to the hilt now! Happy Mother's Day.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt for Lily-Grace. I am sure she will love it to death. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. It shows the love you put into it. Congratulations on her first birthday!

  4. Such a pretty little girl. And what a beautiful name she has. Happy birthday to all of you!

  5. Hi Pauline. So glad to have found this. I miss your posts! Exquisite little baby and quilt as well!

  6. That's an adorable little baby quilt :) Happy birthday to the lucky girl!