Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oxtail Soup and Sourdough Bread Experiment.

Hi all

I am on my 4th day of painting.  I am painting my chicken shed and run in a nice black, however my fingers and hand are now seriously cramping up - how painters and decorators do this for a living, goodness knows - I hate painting!!!

Between painting and washing black paint off a white duck (she insisted on poking her head through  the fence and getting paint on her head, thankfully it washed off ok) I was making my sourdough experiment and my oxtail soup.

If you are interested in either you can find all the details on this page

Oxtail Soup

Its a Bank Holiday here in the UK tomorrow, so at least I have another day off work, but I am not painting tomorrow.

Catch you later........


  1. Your bread looks amazing! I wish I could come for dinner :)

  2. The oxtail soup looks heavenly and the bread ideal for sopping it all up. I love oxtail soup.

  3. I am so coming to your house for dinner...