Tuesday, 19 October 2010

MCCalls 5252 fleece

 This is the MCCalls fleece pattern and I was absolutely delighted with it.  Option C took just under 2yds of fleece at 60" wide and was very quick and easy to make.
To the left you can see some embroidery done with my Janome 350E machine - this is one of the pre-set patterns and I used a nice gold metallic thread.
I had some black lighter weight fleece left over from my quilted jacket and some melon coloured fleece left over from a longer jacket.  Here is the work in progress and I have lined the inside of the collar with the black fleece and embroidered two more of the same design but in black to blend the colour scheme.

This is a really easy pattern to make and I would recommend it to anyone.  I have already worn the black fleece a few times since making it last week due to the colder weather coming to the UK.


  1. Very nice! I just finished one for my husband today.

  2. thank you - yes its that time of year when you need to start making fleeces again - need to make my partner another new one too.