Thursday, 21 October 2010

update on Vogue 1061 - nearly finished

Well I have to say I am really pleased with the way this outfit is coming together - once you get the panels in the right order, sewing them and top-stitching the back panels is really quite easy.

My camera has just run down its battery, so will post some more pictures tomorrow once it is charged, but I have now lined the hood, put the elastic in the sleeves, sewed the ties and the side seams.
 I have cut out the fastest pair of trousers ever - (one tip, make sure you attach the bottom of the leg pattern piece with tape before cutting out) I confess I kept looking at the pattern for the trousers thinking I will have to extend the trouser leg.  I guess it was a way of economizing on the paper or something but the bottom part of the leg is an extra pattern piece and they say stick them together before cutting out (Ibet there were a few short trousers created by people who don't read pattern pieces).  Back and front are the same - two darts in back and front.  Sew each inner leg seam, turn one right side out and slip it inside the other leg which is wrong side out and that is the bulk of the trouser done - just the waistband to go - hope to finish the outfit tomorrow now.


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