Sunday, 11 November 2012

McCalls 6441 progress & Christmas Stocking

Hi everyone, I think we should introduce the 3 day weekend because I never seem to have enough time, but I guess that is the same for all of us.

I managed to do some more on my jacket before my DGD arrived, but then my attention was redirected as normal!

First my son presented me with a shop bought Christmas stocking and asked if I could embroider Alana's name on it.  I found some fleece fabric and used that to do the embroidery on and then stitched the name tag on by hand.

Shortly after Alana arrived, my daughter turned up with Bentley, and we managed to get a 2 1/2 year old little girl and a 10 month old Great Dane puppy to sit still long enough for us to take a photograph.  Definitely one for the album especially as I have a similar photograph taken when my daughter was around 3 or 4 with my first Great Dane Mitch - Alana reminds me so much of my daughter.

Now for my progress on my McCalls jacket.  Once babysitting duties started I had to leave my sewing until this evening and I have completed quite a bit, but decided to stop before I got too tired.

I wanted to add a small change to the jacket so inserted angled double welt zipped pockets into the jacket.   I always use the Palmer Pletsch method but one modification I make is to use the clear wash away stabiliser to draw the welt box on to use as a stitching guide. 

You can see a peek of the lining I have used - nothing jazzy or bright, but I think this works well enough with the simplicity of the jacket.  This photo was taken after sewing the lining to the jacket and still needs to be pressed so excuse the crumpled look.

When I purchased this lovely wool and cashmere blend, I also bought this contrasting pure silk to sew a coordinating blouse.  I can see the jacket and the blouse with a lovely black skirt or trousers.... this is a mini wardrobe in the making.

This is my progress so far.  Will I finish it by tomorrow night?  Hmmmmm I have to sew in the shoulder pads, press, clip and trim the seams after sewing the lining to the jacket and finish the hem..........  I might be lucky and be able to finish it before I go away for work this week and who knows maybe take it with me.

Hope you all had a good day.

Catch you later............


  1. Your jacket is coming along wonderfully. Great shot of DGD and the dog and there sure is a resemblance between DD and DGD.

  2. Double welt zipped pockets, but wait, there's more! Double welt zipped pockets that cross a seam!!! Wow, your sewing skills are amazing!
    What a cute photo, Alana with Bentley. And the side by side with your daughter at about the same age, with your first Great Dane.
    Thanks so much for sharing; looking forward to seeing your continuing progress on this jacket.

  3. The dogs are huge. How nice to see both pictures side by side.
    Hope you will finish the jacket and I'll be able to see it this week. If not, there will be another time, don't feel pressed ;)

  4. Wow Pauline, I just love your jacket! I love that green; I only get to use it as a alight accent color such as piping.

  5. Awww, that picture of your grand-daughter with Bentley is too cute...! Your jacket looks terrific, and the welt pockets are perfection :)

  6. Your jacket is looking fantastic. The zipper is just perfect. I am in awe!!!
    Love the photos of the girls with thier dogs..So cute..

  7. Perfect welt pocket. The colour is divine and your black and White wardrobe will be great with this.

  8. Gosh, could this get any more fun? I love the side by side photos...your GD will too as she gets bigger. Bentley is looking more adult!

  9. Thank you for all your comments both on my jacket and the photo of the dogs and children - I thought it was great seeing them side by side.