Monday, 5 November 2012

My Wedding Plans Continue

A few people have asked me questions about my wedding plans, so I thought perhaps it was time for an update.

My D Mike and I get married on the 18th May next year - however that is only a fraction over 6 months away.

I plan on making my wedding dress and the 6 bridesmaid dresses, however there are a couple of minor  major problems.

Bridesmaid No.1-My daughter who is expecting her first baby 2 days after the wedding and who still wants to be a bridesmaid - its a little difficult to calculate what size she will be.

Bridesmaid No.2 - My granddaughter who is currently 2.5 years old, and growing, so I need to wait until at least March/April before starting her dress.

Bridesmaid No.3 - My daughter-in-law who is also expecting (baby No.2) so she doesn't want me to start her dress until after she has had the baby and lost some of her baby weight so around end of March beginning of April.

Bridesmaid No.4 - granddaughter No.2 who is only 18 months old and still growing, so again we can't start her's until the same time a granddaughter No.1.

Bridesmaid No. 5 - Mike's niece who is currently 10 years old, and of course growing so I anticipate starting her dress around March.

Bridesmaid No. 6 - Last but not least the only bridesmaid that isn't expecting a baby (that I know of) and isn't a small child growing rapidly, may give me the opportunity to start her dress around February.

So what about my dress?  Well of course like any bride, I am on a diet and trying to lose weight, so I have given myself until February to lose a few extra pounds before I think about making a muslin of my dress.

We are going for an Art Deco themed wedding and I want an Art Deco style of wedding dress.  I have purchased about 6 patterns and I think there are elements from each of the patterns that I would like to incorporate into my dress.

I know the colour I want for my dress, and I am going to make the Bridesmaid dresses in the same colour.  Colour will be introduced via flowers and in particular for the little ones ribbons.

We have booked this beautiful venue which is right next to the river.

and will be having the party in the marquee as shown below.

we have chosen and booked our car this lovely 1920's Wolseley

So we still have loads to do - I know what flowers I want, but haven't decided for the Bridesmaids yet.  The guys are enthusiastic to dress their part so they have been looking at appropriate clothing (with a 20th Century twist) for their outfits.

So while we have made progress, needless to say there is still LOADS for me to do.

Needless to say, because my D Mike reads my blog, I will have to think of another way to share my progress with my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and colour schemes. Until then, catch you all later..........


  1. You will do your sewing magic and have them all done and still look beautiful on your wedding day.
    Love your venue and vehicle.

  2. Such super plans, and intense sewing times ahead! Thanks for keeping us all posted...

  3. It sounds lovely. I love that period of fashion history. It's a bit alarming about the bridesmaids! I think if it was me, I'd be pouncing on bridesmaid 6 now.

  4. Fantastic wedding plans.. You will be sewing away in March and April.. Love all the beautiful places..

  5. It all sounds so lovely. What beautiful details you've thought out. I am sure the dresses will all get done on time and fit each bridesmaid beautifully.

  6. Sounds lovely. The venue is beautiful. You will be a busy girl in the spring though but you are one of the fastest sewers that I know so I am sure that you will come through with flying colours.

  7. I really love your wedding venue and your bridal car. It was absolutely a well planned wedding. Good luck!! Hope to see wedding pics soon.. :)

  8. What a beautiful venue you have chosen for your wedding. Wishing you all the best for all of the sewing plans to come together without a hitch.

  9. Exciting plans.. Ohh I hope the dresses doesn't get you too stressed.

  10. Sounds wonderful Pauline and thank you for letting mw know about beingthe featured member of PR. I don'r even know what that means!!Lol!

  11. Even I'm getting excited. But Pauline, that's a lot of work, you'll be knackered by the time the big day arrives.

  12. Wow Pauline - you are going to be so busy! I am sure you are well up to the task so I just wish you all the luck in the world. Though I'm sure you wont need it.

  13. Oh my gosh, you do have some challenges ahead! Your plans sound most exciting though, and I am sure you will succeed, and have a wonderful day. Your own wedding day is always wonderful!
    Can the bridesmaids help with their own dresses at all?

  14. I got married at that venue, it's lovely, you'll have a great time and the food is to die for! Enjoy your day and good luck with all the dresses!

  15. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I can't wait to share my journey with all my sewing friends, who I am sure will help me along the way.

    SewingMrsC - this venue is our all time favourite place to go to and I can see from your photo how wonderful you looked on your wedding day. -We would rather not eat out every week, but wait and then go there for our treat - always my birthday and our anniversary of when we met - so it has a lot of sentiment attached to it.

    In answer to Carolyn's question - sadly NONE of them sew, however I am sure Alana would give it her best shot, but at 2.5 yrs I am not sure that is a good idea.

    on the Diet front having recently joined SW I am pleased to say I have lost 3.5lbs in the past two weeks, so I am going in the right direction.

    Thanks all again - your comments made me smile - I am getting a little excited myself now.

  16. Pauline,
    OMG...I had to laugh at the list of ways that life is getting in the way of your sewing! Take heart, it will all come together beautifully in the end. The venue you've chosen is so picturesque and lovely. I know I am not around the corner but I am certainly happy to help with the dresses if you need it! Where are you sewing at home that keeps Mike out of the loop?

    RE: the SWAP, I was reading the rules and some comments about last years winners. I didn't realize this was such a competition. I can't seem to find how to view pics of the last winners but from what I read I'm doing it for a completely different reason. I plan to make simple things, most of them TNT's, that I know I'll wear and would probably be sewing anyway. The favorite shirt can't be central in order to fit in but it's on the "warm" side of the bridge. Who knows if I'll get it together in time...

    My offer is sincere for help with the wedding!


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