Sunday, 4 November 2012

A non-starter for the sewing.

Well I never really got going on my sewing this weekend other than running up 3 pairs of panties that was it.

I did cut out the paper pattern for McCalls 6441 but that is as far as I got because my daughter turned up with Bentley.
McCalls 6441

Saturday night was the night most people were setting off their fireworks in advance of bonfire night (5th November) and my daughter was going to London to have dinner with her partner's sister.   I was concerned that this would be Bentley's first experience of fireworks and was worried that he would get upset and frightened, so Saturday evening we were babysitting a big black dog.  Thankfully, although he was aware of the fireworks, he wasn't a quivering wreck under the table, like our old family dog used to be each year.

Today I was just catching up on jobs, such as my pile of ironing that had been sitting patiently waiting for me to clear it, so I just had to knuckle down and get it done before Alana, my son and my daughter-in-law arrived for lunch.

Now the nights are drawing in early we wanted to get up to London earlier than we would normally do, before it got dark, and boy it was cold on the bikes - I need to brace myself for the winter months ahead and prepare to get cold and wet cycling my bike brrrrrrrrrr lets hope it helps burn off the calories I need to burn before my wedding.

Talking of weddings, should I start to panic - it will be exactly 6 months on the 18th of November - frightening or what!

Last but not least I got this sweet thank you card from Sarah of Goodbye Valentino with the following message:-

The simple and sweet purpose of this new blog award is simply to thank the  people who take the time to comment on your blog. My job is to pass it on to nine bloggers who comment on my blog.  I tremendously appreciate each comment I receive.  I’m passing the award on to the nine bloggers who have statistically provided the most comments on Goodbye Valentino. Many thanks to all of you for your comments and special thanks the following bloggers. Pass it on ladies!

Thanks Sarah, so following the instructions above,  I would like to pass this award on to the following great people who often comment on my blog (thank you):-

Handmade by Carolyn  Everything Sewing Biblioblog House of Pinheiro La Sewista
MushyWear SewRuth Sigrid Coco's Loft

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Catch you later...........


  1. So you had a great weekend, even if not a sewing one. Fireworks are always scary for dogs. And what a big dog is that! I think I should go back in your blog: you are getting married! Congratulations! So exciting.. will you be sewing your wedding dress? So many things to plan!

    1. yes I will be making my wedding dress + 6 bridesmaid dresses however two of the bridesmaids (my daughter and my daughter-in-law) are expecting babies so I can't start their dresses until nearer the time. I of course want to diet before starting my dress. Two of the smallest bridesmaids are our current grandchildren age 2 1/2 yrs and 1 1/2 yrs and are still growing so again I can't start their dresses until nearer the time. That leaves one I can start around February and another that might be better waiting a little longer because she is 10 and of course still growing lol it will be a busy time just before the wedding I think.

      FYI my daughter's black dog is a Great Dane and he is only 10 months old.

  2. Thank you Pauline! I love reading what you are sewing and the odd bits of other things you post about.
    The marriage is getting nearer, have you decided on the dress for yourself?