Sunday, 26 May 2013

Little, tiny and teeny tiny bridesmaid dresses.

This is the last post (I promise) on my wedding sewing and today I want to talk about the little bridesmaid dresses.

I am going to start with Butterick 3405 which I made for both Sofia aged 11 weeks  and Lilly aged 11 days and you can see them both sporting their mini bridesmaid dresses.  These were really quick little dresses to make up - a dream after the other dresses, and both girls did their part to make this a truly memorable wedding.

There were no real changes to the pattern other than the fact I fully lined the dress - I just used the original dress pattern, folded the pleats to remove them from the lining and then stitched the lining right-sides together in the normal way.  The back fastenings wer just Prym poppers (easy).

the pattern didn't go down small enough for Lilly so I just put a pleat down the centre of the front and redistributed the pleat markings and took the sides in and reduced the length........ it was like making a doll's dress ha ha.

Next up are Alana and Ella's dresses using Butterick 5705 which I did blog about previously.

This is a lovely little pattern but the skirts do take up a lot of fabric, and the hem goes on for ever and ever, but its really worth it for a special day.

Changes to the pattern - there were only a few:-

  • Interlined all pieces with crisp organza (including the bow to make them stand out)
  • inserted an invisible zipper rather than the suggested lapped zip
Alana who will be 3 in July said this was her princess dress and just loved it.  Ella who will be 2 in July is not so used to wearing dresses, but coped really well (yes she is the same size as Alana - I can't work out if Alana is small for her age or Ella is big for her age!!!!  A combination of the two I think).

I loved the way the girls looked

And just because its such a lovely picture, here is Grandad Mike with a handful of grandaughters.

I have started on some nice new PJ's that can be sewn almost entirely on the serger - I need something quick to make after all the other work.

We are enjoying a lovely sunny Sunday and just had lunch on the decking with all the children and grandchildren - this is what sunny days are made for.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend - catch you later.................


  1. Such cute little dresses - Lilly and Sofia are adorable and look so cute! Great job, as always. Have a good weekend.

  2. What cute tiny and teeny-tiny dresses for the youngest members. Alana's and Ella's dresses are gorgeous also. You had a very special family wedding.

    Glad you had a wonderful sunny Sunday with the family.

  3. Sunny Sunday: I'm envious.
    These dresses are so cute. You did a wonderful job. The photo of Mike with his granddaughters is lovely!

  4. So sweet and cute those babies with their bridesmaid dresses! I'm so impressed by all your gorgeous dresses, it's incredible you made them all yourself. The 3 bridesmaid dresses of the older girls look worthy for princesses. I live in the Netherlands and we just had the inauguration of our new King, and those dresses remind me of his princess daughters, the dresses would have looked great on them too.

  5. Adorable.. I love sewing for the little ones.. so fun.. and they always look so cute..
    Hope you enjoy your sunny Sunday..

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    really good..

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