Monday, 13 May 2013

Wedding sewing update - 6 days to go.

Hi guys, this is just a brief wedding sewing update.

Days to the wedding - 6
Items completed:-
1. Sharlene's dress,
2. Natalie's dress,
3. Alana's dress,
4. Ella's dress,
5. Esme's dress
6. Sofia's dress
7. Lilly Grace's dress
8. My wedding dress yipppeeeee

Items to complete:-

Lauren's bridesmaid dress.

Well I didn't quite make my deadline, but I am very close.  The last dress I need to complete for the bridal party is my D Daughter's dress.  I have cut the bodice and skirt out and basted it together, I now need to do the final stitching and then make the lining.  I am hoping to get this finished by tomorrow, but my friend/work colleague is flying in from the USA tomorrow morning, and ideally I want to get this last dress finished so I can have some relaxation time.  This dress is a simple sweetheart neckline strapless dress, so I should be able finish this quickly enough (she said crossing her fingers and toes).

The last item is a party dress for me to change into for the evening reception.

I have a lovely Vogue pattern I purchased a little while back and bought some silver fabric when I was shopping with my friend Viv in Walthamstow market.  The fabric is almost identical to the pattern cover.  I will see how I get on, but I would like to finish this by Tuesday night and this will give me Wed-Friday to relax, if I can still remember how to relax.

My non sewing schedule is as follow:-

  1. Collect my Friend Ann from the airport in the morning.
  2. Monday evening take her up to London for a meal and sleep over at our flat.
  3. Tuesday back to the cottage in the morning and then sewing, with a break in the afternoon to meet with a friend for afternoon tea in the local cake shop.
  4. Wednesday prepare for my Hen night (small gathering with my sisters, daughter and a couple of close friends for a take-away at my home).
  5. Thursday - R&R then dinner at my friend's house.
  6. Friday - Nail salon for pampering and then back home to pack the car and drive to the hotel.
  7. Saturday - D-Day ............................
Hope you are all sewing up a storm.

Catch you later.........................


  1. Oh Good luck, Pauline. I do hope you get a chance for a little R&R.Have a wonderful wedding!!!

  2. I wish you the best, Pauline, in these upcoming exciting days. I have to congratulate you on your upcoming marriage but also on finishing all these garments! Just incredible. I hope soon you will relax and enjoy the ride.

  3. Here's hoping for a lovely, peaceful, sunny day where everything goes together seamlessly!

  4. I have to agree with all comments above and wish you a smooth "ride" until the big day! Some R&R time will definitely be needed - you've done a marvelous job.

  5. Well its all down hill from here - so its time to sit back and enjoy. You have excelled yourself in the preparations...J

  6. Can't wait to see everything, it's going to be lovely! Xxx

  7. Make sure you have some relax time before Saturday. It will be lovely and you must enjoy every minute.

  8. I do hope that you manage to finish everything in time to get in some rest - you truly deserve it!

  9. Well, there surely has to be some award for this marathon sewing saga. You must post a picture of every single creation after the big event. I will be thinking of you this week and especially on Saturday. I wish you and Mike a perfect wedding day and every happiness.

  10. Oh, I'm actually getting nervous! so excited for you and Mike.

  11. Oh my, you have done amazingly well! what a superwoman!! I almost cannot wait to see your handiwork now... HOW EXCITING!!!! I hope you enjoy the small amunt of pampering you have scheduled in amongst the last minute preparations too!

    (in reply to your comment, and sorry, I know you're probably not interested in this right now!: I actually did name and shame and link to that bogus blog in my post, and was advised that linking to it was merely playing into their hands and lowering the advantage my own blog has when it comes to the priority my own original blog has in an internet search. The more hits a bogus blog with your stolen content, GETS; the more likely it is to gain the upper hand in an internet search, even for YOUR OWN creations! So I removed the link.)

  12. Good luck and god bless Pauline. I hope that you get sunshine on Saturday/