Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tiny dress and teeny tiny dress

Hi everyone

Well life is still a roller coaster with our new baby, so to add to the tasks I am already doing for the wedding, I am also doing lots of errands for my D Daughter.  Just for the Ahhhh factor, here is another picture of Lilly Grace my latest grandaughter (in case you have only just tuned in) - she seems so tiny and Lauren told me today that compared to her cousin Sofia who is 9 weeks old and weighing in at a hefty 9lbs, Lilly looked tiny ha ha - Sofia looked tiny on Monday!!!!!

Anyhow, I have been sewing and have about 2-3 hours work to complete my dress, but I need more buttons which I will have to cover myself - Viv where are you when I need you, I knew we needed more lol.

I have however made a little dress for 9wk old Sofia using Butterick 3405.  I have chosen the same fabric that I used for the other little bridesmaids, and used some of my lovely lace to embellish the front of the dress.  For the hairband I have made a little bow using the same fabric as the larger bridesmaid dress fabric and the little one's bows, and again added a some of the lace, and incorporated a few of the loose beads that are flying around my sewing room to create a little dangle effect.

I made a few changes to this pattern by cutting a lining for the dress and constructing this the same way as I did for the bodice of the little bridesmaid dresses which means I didn't need the neck and sleeve facings, I also think that this will make it more comfortable for Sofia to wear .

I used 3 of my Prym poppers for the fastening at the back of this dress.

To complete the outfit I need to make a pair of panties in the same fabric and this is another one in the bag.  Lauren has asked that I now make a little one for Lilly Grace - I just need to size it down from little baby to teeny tiny baby.

More to do tomorrow.  Catch you later..........


  1. Adorable baby and lovely name! I'm sure she'll look lovely on the big day.

  2. Completely adorable baby and I'm sure she will behave well at your wedding!

  3. How absolutely perfect! You are one incredible bride!

  4. Just reading about all that you have yet to sew makes me nervous. I wish you the best of luck to get everything finished in time.
    That granddaughter of yours is absolutely precious!

  5. you must have 48 hours in your days! darling dress and baby looks so sweet.

  6. Can't wait for the wedding pictures....!

  7. So many generations all together. What a joyous event this wedding is going to be!

  8. Wbat a darling dress and head band. I can hardly wait for the wedding pictures.