Friday, 21 January 2011

My trousers and trouser slips

Following my sewing course last weekend I took a couple of days off to put into practice what I had learned.

I selected the Palmer Pletch classic trouser pattern  McCall’s-5239 for my fitting and decided to make a totally plain pair of trousers so that I could concentrate on the fit.

Once I had made up the calico - and put a tuck in to reduce the crotch length I was ready to go.

I selected a nice piece of dark navy crepe  for my project and it really is nice and hangs nice.

One of the things we discussed was if Gill lined her trousers.  She informed me that she makes a trouser slip out of lingerie fabric.  These are made by taking the trouser pattern and overlapping the outside leg together (to create seamless side seams) – you don’t make the darts, and use lingerie elastic for the waistband.

 Here is the trouser pattern (that was transferred to the dot and cross paper) you can see the outside legs overlapped ready to cut out the trouser slips.  Because I want the slip slightly shorter than the trouser I folded the bottom up a little.



Here are my finished trouser slips

Below you can see me inserting the elastic with my overlocker - I was really pleased with the result. 

Here to the Right and below are my trousers - I used the small zipper foot that came with my Bernina sewing machine and was great to use.  I just need a hook and eye and the hem and they are finished and ready to wear with my new trousers slips.

 My darling Mike is flying in from the USA tomorrow morning - I have been multi-tasking by making some bread, posting this blog.

I am now going to start work on my red dress now.


  1. Please drop the blue font on grey background - I would really have liked to read what you had written :-(

    1. sorry about that - the new colour isn't great but better - hope you find what you are looking for