Monday, 24 January 2011

A Sunday drive with my beautiful Granddaughter looking for building Land

I had great day yesterday, despite the fact that I didn't do half the jobs I had promised I would.  

I have made a start on my red DNKY and so far so good, it’s looking good and I want to finish it for a dinner I have on Friday night - I may also wear it for the christening  of my Niece’s little girl on Sunday.  But the dress was left sitting on Edna the mannequin untouched yesterday because we picked up my beautiful little granddaughter Alana and drove off in the direction of the River Stour to have a look at some Land that is for sale.

Mike and I have been together for 4 years this coming August and we are looking for a plot of land to build a home together.  Because he loves to sail, and I like my garden we both decided that our dream home would be something with panoramic views over a river but a small garden to erect a poly-tunnel so that I can grow my vegetables and fruits etc.

When we arrived at the site I was amazed, it ticked all the boxes.  The property wasn’t overlooked by anyone and at the very end of the road = no passing traffic – you could see the river clearly and you could even walk down to the river following the footpath at the side of the property which would take 5-10 minutes.  The Architects plans were for a very modern house with  panoramic windows to the upper floor overlooking the river  – it’s all perfect however the price is very high :-(. 

Mike said he would  follow it up with the architect, but his one concern is where we would place my sewing room ha ha.

Well that is enough dreaming for one day best kick Luke out of bed so I can finish my work otherwise I will start doing work work and that will not be good on my last vacation day.

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