Monday, 17 January 2011

Suede, sewing jobs and exercise this week.

My suede turned up over the weekend from Tandy – my first view was the back of the skin (not a pretty sight) and at first I thought OMG what have I just spent £150 on., however once I turned it over it wasn’t too bad.  I think my first tip would be if you want to buy suede that you are better to go to a supplier and select the skins yourself – I am not 100% convinced that their colour matching is the same as what mine would be.  This is a project for later in the week as I have also booked to take Thursday and Friday off. Last time I did the sewing course I flew directly to Houston the following day, so had no time to put into practice what I had learned.  

You recall yesterday my absolute horror about the size of the measurements following gill’s fitting process.  Needless to say I resolved to get my very fat bottom into the gym.  I have a treadmill, rowing machine and small weights machine in my outbuilding so decided there was no better time to get started.  I managed to do 1000 mtrs on the rowing machine, 1 mile on the treadmill, some sit-ups and weights.  This morning I can really feel the muscles in my stomach – something I haven't felt for some time – I plan on doing another 30-45 minutes in the gym again this morning.

So my sewing job list for my vacation period is:-

  • 1.     Adjust my calico trousers to remove some of the bulk in the front around the crotch area
  • 2.     Transfer the calico pattern to my dot and cross paper to make my master pattern
  • 3.     Cut and sew my trousers in my fashion fabric
  • 4.     Duplicate everything I have done for my trousers for my jacket that Gill fitted to me on Saturday
  • 5.     Sew the Vogue 1194 DKNY dress that I cut out last week.
Phew that will keep me busy.  Well I have a horrible work job I need to do before I start anything today – so best get on with that and emailed off so I can do my gym session and then get into my sewing room.

Today's weather is horrible - it hasn't stopped raining since the very early hours and my lovely Mike has left the house for his own trip to the USA today so he will be gone for a week.  This is both good and bad - bad because I will miss him, but good because I can play and not feel guilty.

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