Tuesday, 23 October 2012

McCalls 5252 - Black & Purple

This is version No.2 of the McCalls 5252 with Mike's favorite colour purple.

I used some spare shirting fabric for the under-collar, and to enhanced the zippers too. An extra feature was the addition of a little zipper pocket at the front and added thin strips of purple fabric to the zipper pulleys too.  Last but not least rather than turn under the black upper collar, I attached a bias strip to the bottom and then turned it under.

Confession time!!!

I couldn't get an identical zipper for the neck so had to use a navy zipper which had a smaller pulley, and it was slightly too short so I added the small square of fabric to help cover the gap.  You can't really see the navy of the zipper because its covered, but its confession time so I am owning up to my mistake.

Last but not least and the point I could kick myself was despite using a pressing cloth, and hardly touching the fabric, I managed to slightly mark the fabric.  It looks worse in the photograph, but if was reading this blog and looked at the photos, I would notice it - sorry just me!  I can always spot when someone wears the same dress to a Christmas dinner too lol - I know get a life. 

I don't think any of the faults will prevent Mike from wearing this, but I think I am more annoyed at these errors than he will be.

Hope your sewing is going without too many problems.  Catch you later..............


  1. Very nicely done. Isn't it annoying when we always see the mistakes, especially those that we make. I am like that too.

  2. I think it's great and it's never a mistake it's a design choice ;))

  3. You made Mike great fleece shirts. He'll be proud to wear them. So specially made for him.
    I can hardly see the mistake, we are our own worst critics.

  4. I think it looks just great! I would never have noticed anything if you had not pointed it out :)