Sunday, 28 October 2012

Panties to go with my bra

Thank you all for your comments on my Kwik Sew 3843 top, I am going to take it away with me tomorrow on my business trip.

I managed to painfully unpick my black Jalie jeans last night while watching TV (took me over an hour) and was very thankful for my illuminated magnifying glass. I took in the side seams, reduced the flare and then refitted the waistband and top-stitched them again and now they feel much better so it was worth the effort.

I had time to finish a couple of pairs of panties to go with the last bra that I made.  I am trying to always make panties to go with each bra so I build up a nice collection of matching sets but its taken me a while to get around to these.

I have had a lovely weekend.  Firstly my D Mike and I hadn't seen each other all week, so it was lovely to have him home, and second, because I had all my children and my granddaughter with me for dinner on Saturday evening along with Bentley my daughter's Great Dane.  It is rare when your children grow up to have them around together, and its quite funny that they seem to regress and start play fighting and messing around like they did when they were home - its quite sweet really.

Well this will be my last post for a few days because I have a business trip and an early start tomorrow morning 7:30am flight (deep joy) so need to get ready for an early night - I hope you have all had a great weekend.

Catch you later...............


  1. Such a beautiful set! I need to try making a bra, yours are so pretty.

  2. Wow, such an absolutely gorgeous lingerie set! I absolutely have to have matching sets too.

  3. How very beautiful. Lovely sets.

  4. Oh my God! These look better than La Perla lingerie! Where do you get hold of that lace? Is is lace? Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful set. I still can't imagine making my own lingerie although I should as there isn't much in the stores for my matronly figure.
    I know what you mean and how precious the times when all our grown children are home at the same time. That happened to us last summer and I was ssssssssooooo happy!