Sunday, 21 October 2012

Something Somewhere Went Terribly Wrong - McCalls 5252 for Mike

Ok, its cold its wet and its miserable outside and it feels like we are on the cusp of winter rather than autumn.  This is a signal to start making fleece tops for Mike and I to wear on our bikes and McCalls 5252 is a TNT for me having made quite a few before.

The pattern cover states that this is:

Misses and mens unlined vests and jackets: Loose fitting, unlined vest or jacket has yoke front, collar or hood, with or without sleeve and inseam pockets; all garments have stitched hems; vest A, jacket B, vest D and jacket E have front zipper closures; jacket C and F are pullover.

I had purchased this anti-pill fleece from Goldhawk Road a few weeks back for £5 a metre and thought it would look great with just a splash of colour, so I found myself reaching for a piece of my orange cotton drill that was left over from my Jalie jeans blogged about here to use for the under-collar.

Mike loves all his IT-centric logos for his tops, and for this top,  I used one I created some time back using my Janome embroidery machine software.   In case you can't see the image clearly enough it shows the evolution of man from ape to man sitting on the computer with the text " Something Somewhere Went Terribly Wrong".   I picked up the orange for the embroidery thread, and  in order to ensure that the embroidery didn't sink into the fleece, I used a water soluble stabiliser (which you can still see on the design and will dissolve once washed).

There are a couple of design aspects of this top that I chose to ignore.  The first is the silly little top pocket, that without a zip is next to useless because whatever you put in it will just fall out.  The 2nd is the set of pockets at the bottom front.

This is a great little top to whip up on the serger/overlocker, and I only had to use the conventional sewing machine to insert the zipper and top-stitch the collar.

Mike is now on his way to London wearing his new top and I am now going to think about what to make next.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.  Catch you later......


  1. Love the jacket and the embroidered logo! The orange drill just sets it off and he looks very handsome, indeed.

  2. So this week you've finished 2 jeans and 1 jacket - HOW!? This is just mind blowing. Cool embroidery, lol!

  3. Perfect for those cool late autumn days. Do love the logo.

  4. How do you do it?? Your speed is amazing! Love the embroidery...

  5. I had better not say that I nearly finished another one last night (only stalled by the lack of a zip with silver teeth)

    thanks for all the nice comments

  6. So clever and good looking! And the logo is great.

  7. Hehe, I wondered at first what you meant by the title, since the top looks pretty awesome with nothing wrong at all to me! Funny logo!

  8. What a clever jacket! I love the pop of orange you used to accent the fleece. Mike must be so pleased!