Monday, 20 December 2010

Glasses case gift

So having made the gift bags for Mike's sisters and his Mum, I thought I had better make a personal gift for his lovely Dad.

 Mike's family name is Moore and they have their own coat of arms so I googled the coat of arms to work out the design and then used my Digitizer Pro software and came up with the design on the case.

 For the outer fabric I used some leftover black quilted fabric and have lined the case with white nylon lining.

Hope he likes it.  Am thinking about making a golf tee holder, but will see how my time goes.

The embroidery took around 30 minutes to complete - the longest part was the green background on the coat of arms.

Well I think I have nearly caught up on my gifts now so anything else is  as they say, just a bonus.

I think I could do with some glasses cases myself - sadly I seem to throw mine in my bag and they get all scratched!!!  And here it is.

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