Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mumbai and Dubai in a week

 So I have gone from approx 12" of snow in my garden and then arrived in Mumbai to find this view out of my hotel window in on Sunday afternoon.  Not too much difference really.
These are the little taxies that are all over Mumbai - however you need to say a prayer before you risk going in one.  Thankfully my company laid on a car which had 4 doors and felt considerably safer.

I wanted to buy some silk before I left for Dubai and was taken to one shop that specialised mainly in sari's however the prices were so expensive that I decided not to buy anything in Mumbai and would see what the souk  in Dubai had on offer this time (having been there last year on a previous trip).

 This is a view from the Burj Khalifa now the tallest building in the world - here you can see Burj Al Arab and just to the side you can see the palm islands where they built lots of very very expensive houses.

I was taken to dinner to an oasis in the desert and here I am standing next to one of the locals with his peregrin falcon.
 Now to the interesting part - this is one of the two sari's I purchased in the textile souk.

The photograph here doesn't do this beautiful cotton shirting justice.  The blue stripe one almost looks like it has ribbon stitched into the fabric.

These are two separate pieces of silk.

Interestingly this fabric is typically use for the abaya that the ladies wear here in the Middle East.  I purchased a slightly heavier weight one which I think I will use to make a nice soft pant suit - I have seen something similar with a long shirt for the jacket.

Here is a pure silk sari.  I intend cutting the various part to use as I see fit.

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