Thursday, 30 December 2010

Start the New Year with a new work book

So (Mike hates it when I say "so" he gets worried because it usually means that I have been thinking - and that always worries him). 

There are several things that I haven't tried before such as bound buttonholes, I want to experiment with piping and try some couching and other couture techniques etc., but I would like to put a folder together with samples and notes in to remind myself how I did the certain procedure.

So tomorrow I want to purchase a white A4, 4-ring binder with some dividers so that I can start putting my workbook together - I can then index it, and not only find notes on stitch length, problems etc etc., but keep it for future reference as I build up my experience – often I try out a new technique and then only do it the once and forget at a later date when I want to do it again.

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