Tuesday, 28 December 2010

KWIK SEW 3532 - Butterick 4684

So you have all been told 1000 times read the instructions before cutting - I cut out this Kwik Sew pattern in some nice blue fleece without reading the 50% stretch requirement – yes I know less haste more speed!!!!

Thankfully I had some stretch fleece that I could use so I used the navy fleece for the front that didn't really require too much stretch and the collar, and then cut out new pattern pieces for the back, sleeves and sides (providing the stretch needed).

 I have made a few fleeces lately so I wanted to do something a little different with this one, so rather than having the normal zip opening at the front I dug out this very very old Butterick pattern - the price on this was 65p, the Kwik Sew pattern cost me £7.23 today, so I think I originally purchased in the early 1980's but the Butterick pattern had exactly the opening I wanted for this fleece so used the pattern for the opening as a template.

So this is the end result  - I managed to find some lovely blue silk embrodery thread to embroider the motif and all in all I am very pleased with this - nice and warm during this very cold spell we are having here.  This top has raglan sleeves, side panels and stand-up collar.

Its quite an easy, fast pattern to make up.

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