Saturday, 12 February 2011

A camisole to go with my suit

Having been in the Hague for 3 days for work I flew home last night with a list of chores to do.

I had nearly finished my suit, with just the bottom hem and the sleeve hem to complete, which once fed and watered I did last night.
It was my intention to sew a camisole which would be reversible, i.e blue background with green flowers or green background with blue flowers, however I underestimated the amount of fabric I had, so I will not have enough to fully line another jacket and make another camisole – hmmmmmmmmmmmm  yes I know I am stupid – just looked a lot when I first started cutting out.
 Still I have rattled on enough:- here are the finished pictures – will post one of me in it when my darling Mike gets back from the USA this morning.

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