Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alana's cot bumper set

So Lewis asked me to make something for Alana’s cot to stop her bumping her head when she goes to bed and this is what I came up with.
It took me much longer to make than I expected, but here are the end results.  It may need some tweaking later on, but I think its fine.
Alana certainly seemed to like the bows (which I tried to make sure I sewed on securely in case she picked them off and put them in her mouth).

On each section the centre square has a little animal on. This is the little puppy

Here is the sheep

The fill-in squares

Lastly the lovely bunny.

All the sections have been topstitched using a double needle to create a nice edge.

I decided to not use pink bows so that this can be used should they have any more children and one happens to be a boy.


  1. Pauline, the bumper set came out really great. I love the white on white, so elegant.

  2. Jane, I am nearly as new as you at this blog thing and as such only just saw your post - thanks