Friday, 4 February 2011

suffering withdrawal symptoms

Are you like me, if you can’t get on with your sewing projects that you get really frustrated!!!

I had two full days sitting in pensions meetings which took me away from home for a couple of days – I think I get withdrawal symptoms when I can’t just pop upstairs and do some sewing.

One of the reasons I keep adding to my stash, be it patterns; fabric or notions, it is because one minute I can be sitting watching TV and the next I am upstairs digging through my patterns and fabric ready to start my next project.

I am away for two weeks from Monday with only Friday night and Saturday next weekend to catch up on all my jobs.

My darling Mike is out tonight, and will be off on Saturday night too see his son, so I will have a nice long weekend to get going without fear of abandoning him to his laptop and TV alone in the lounge.

 I ran up a pair of trousers/pants a couple of weeks ago and I would like to make a jacket now to match the trousers and a blouse out my lovely silk so I can take them away with me.

Well best get on with my work 9am and loads to do. Roll on 5pm when I am adamant that I will pack up my work stuff and get straight upstairs. 

P.S - forgot to mention that I intend doing a 3 mile run today to catch up on my time out of the gym while I was away - need to keep up with my resolve to lose weight phew.

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