Wednesday, 9 February 2011

McCalls 5481jacket

Palmer Pletch 5481 Jacket

This is the front view showing the neckline and you can just see my beautiful blue and green silk lining poking through.  I have also lined the pockets with this too to add a touch of luxury.

The Back is made up of 4 panels - narrow at the top and then spreading at the bottom which I think give a lovely view to the back.

Here is the suit nearly finished all but the hem on the jacket bottom and the sleeves - I worked on this from Saturday night through to Sunday night and by 11pm I was just too tired and didn't want to make silly mistakes.
Unfortunately I give myself silly short timescale to finishes quite big projects.  I wanted to complete this to wear to a meeting at work on Monday, but I now need to finish it so I can wear it in Houston next week when I am presenting on a course.

This is a better view of the lining.  The silk came from Vietnam and was around £2 per metre and I guess I used just over a metre for this.

It is my intention to make a reversible camisole top to wear under the suit.  Because the silk is equally as lovely the other way round - if I self line the camisole top so one way round its blue with green flowers and then the reverse is green with blue flowers, when I make my next jacket in the green fabric I purchased I will line it with the green side up.

This is my first attempt at copying the tailoring techniques that I learned on my course so took time to bind the arm holes.

 I have worked out that by the time I sew up my camisole top, and my skirt with the fabric left over from the suiting material the 4 piece suite will have cost me less than £10 including zippers and thread.  

So just on the jacket and the pants I have included belt loops, flap pockets, double welt pockets, and tailoring in my jakcet. 

When I was in my meeting on Monday one of my work colleagues came and sat next to me.  She always wears the most wonderful expensive suits - I found myslef not listening to the subject being discussed but scrutinising her jacket, the placement of the pockets, the lining, the button holes etc so that I could incorporate them into my next project .......... there is no hope for me.


  1. Completely relate to your scrutinizing how a garment is constructed when you should be paying attention to the meeting topic. I frequently do the same; can't seem to help myself. Your suit is lovely by the way.

  2. Claudia

    glad I am not alone :-)