Saturday, 26 February 2011

Vogue 8539 and Sausages

So this is my first weekend that I have been able to do anything because I have had a two week work trip and only one day per weekend to do anything.

I flew in from The Hague on the 11th  February and then my lovely Mike took me to London to see Wicked for a valentines treat (a truly funny show worth seeing) and then on Sunday 13th February, I was heading for London Heathrow airport to fly to Houston.

My friend/colleague Ann is also a keen sewer and I asked her to take me to Jo-ann’s in Sugarland TX.  Well call me lucky, and as one of my British sewing friends said “what is it with you and international bargains” – this particular branch was moving to a new location and as such they had reduced all their patterns to $1.99 each so of course, despite having more patterns than I have time to sew, I had to buy some more.  One of the most annoying things was seeing patterns that I had only just recently purchased for only a fraction of the cost.  I addition to the patterns I also managed to purchase some lovely buttons and bead trims that were reduced by 75%.  Sadly we probably missed out on all the better stuff because the shop was almost empty, but I still managed to buy 12 patterns so I was happy.

Yesterday my new gadget arrived – a mincing machine/sausage maker.  I love sausages, and sausage and mash is a favourite for everyone in the house, but unfortunately the ingredients for sausages are less than healthy.  I spent a little while surfing the web on how to make sausages and came up with video instructions  to make a breakfast sausage,  and more surfing for supplies for the casings and the crumb that goes into the sausages (you need this to keep the meat moist).

I ground my meat (turkey and pork) and (turkey and beef steak) and made 3 different types of sausages:- Turkey, Pork with caramelised red onion and fresh thyme; turkey, pork with fresh sage and leeks, and lastly beef & turkey with garlic and BBQ seasoning.  I have tasted each of them and they are great – so much nicer than the shop bought ones and of course so much more healthy because of the low fat content.  I have popped them into packs of 6, vacuum packed them and put them in the freezer yummy, roll on next week for a sausage and mash evening with lovely red onion gravy.  

Mike went off to Plymouth to see his eldest son today, and like a good partner I sent him off with sandwiches made with home made bread and home made sausages – if I start making my own butter hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  well perhaps not.

So having done my shopping, and cooking projects, now to sewing for this weekend.

A little while ago I made some embroidered squares to make into a quilt (or something ) for our beautiful little Alana.  Today her dad Lewis asked me to make her a “bumper set” for her cot – so I have decided to use these square to make it – she will have rabbits, sheep, ducks etc on each of the squares (picture to follow) each with a tone on tone embroidery (all white).

My other project is to finish a jacket I cut out last night V8680 which I am going to make in a double sided quilted fabric (pink and orange). Sadly the picture does not look as good as the version I saw in my Sew Today magazine"

Well best get going.

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