Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2 blinds down 5 to go.

 This is my first attempt at Roman Blinds - so on the whole I am quite pleased.  I divided the blind into 3 and inserted the black panel in the middle.  The problem with using two different curtains was the difference in fabric - the black was much thinner than the cream fabric and as previously mentioned when I removed the ruffle tape from the black curtains, I managed to rip the fabric.

You will see a cream tube running across the top of the black panel - this disguises the ripped fabric and sort of ties the whole lot together phew.

You can see me experimenting with my cushions.  I had a few cushions made out of the original cream curtain fabric so I wanted to incorporate the black into the cushions. 

You can see here some black fabric folded and placed on the cushion as a sort of centre panel and then I gathered the fabric into the middle with a piece of cream fabric again.  I quite like this look so will probably try to adapt the cushion so may hand sew the black fabric onto the front of the cushion.  I am trying to bring a slightly more contempory look to the house but still keep it stylish so thought I would use thethe black, cream and white colour scheme, but make each cushion a little different. 

If I find the time maybe I will embroider one cushion (I have an idea in my head but will keep you in suspense until I do it) ha ha.

For my blind I required the cream fabric either side of the black panel to measure 19" and the black to measure 20".  I then added 5/8" for the seam allowance.

I took one of the ready-made curtains (cream), folded it in half and measured 19 5/8" from the hemmed side and cut the two side panels in one go.  For the black panel I did the same thing, but this time I measure 10 5/8" (half of the required width) from the folded edge and cut.  This gave me the 20" required plus 5/8" on each side for the seams.

To make up the blinds:-
  • Right side together, sew each cream side panel to the black panel
  • Right sides together, now sew each lining piece (cream) to lining of the black panel you will now have one curtain lined.
  • Black-out lining fabric.  I had sewed black-out lining to each of my curtains by hand - so unpicked this to re-use on my blinds.  I measured the width of the new curtain, cut a piece of black-out lining to fit and attached it to the top edge of the new lining fabric sandwiched between the two fabrics.
  • Turn blind right side out - press
  • Turn top edge over making a 2" hem and sew the velcro or loop tape to the hem covering the raw edge of the fabric with the tape.  Stitch top and bottom of the tape.
  • My folds were 10 1/2" apart so I sewed 4 Roman blind tape running horizontally across the blind.
  • Last but not least I just sewed the lining to the curtain leaving a gap large enough to slip the bottom weighted pole into.
  • Trim the rods to size and slip into the Roman blind tape (I had 4)
My 2nd blind came out better than the first so hopefully by the time I get to my 7th blind I will have got the hang of it.


  • getting a large amount of fabric through the machine arm.
  • excess fabric hanging over the edge of the table
  • keeping all the fabric layers flat when sewing on the tapes.
For my 2nd blind I marked the back of the curtains with pencil lines for the positioning of the tape and pinned it into place before sewing. 

I am sure if I had just used some bought fabric and made these from start to finish it would probably taken less time than me trying to recyling my old curtains - but I have manage to produce a completely new look for the cost of one pair of black curtains (bought in the sale) and some purchased Roman blind kits.  The curtains were still in excellent condition and it would have been a waste to throw them out.


  1. Good job. They really look great. I remember the first time I made roman shades, I was so sure that I had taken on more than I could chew, but they came out really well. I have made a number of them since for other people.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jane - I am glad that I have finished these two, my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom windows are a little smaller so less fabric to navigate through the machine arm.

    I am desperate to get my sewing room cleaned up to do some nice "me" sewing but think next weekend will still involve either blinds, painting or finding new homes for all my stuff. In my next life I am going to be a minimalist.

    Good on you for making them for other people they must have been impressed with yours.