Sunday, 22 May 2011

I have to finish this weekend.

I have been quite busy today because my D Mike and I had our beautiful granddaughter for the day - that is one big excuse to waste time - we picked her up at 9:30am - then went shopping for bathroom tiles before bringing her home for a nice 2 hour sleep.

She is really becoming quite a character now and brings a smile to all our faces.

Once Alana was safely back home with mum at around 4pm, and I had the house to myself, I started on blind No.2 for my bedroom.  I am not entirely happy with the spacing between the folds on the first blind and will probably take it down and unpick the blind tape, press the fabric and space them further apart.  My blue fabric has quite a bit of give (not the ideal for curtains or blinds really) so for blind No.2 I have spaced out the tape a little further apart and it does look better - I just have to take down the first blind, remove the tape and re-sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I sewed two strips of satin to a rectangle and used this to cover my headboard which now matches the blinds.

I started sewing at 7pm tonight and its now 12:30am and I have just finished my daughter's blind.  For her's I used some old black-out curtains so I didn't have to line them.  The result is a much better blind.  I have trimmed the edges with the satin fabric and it looks great, leaving me with one more blind for her room.

I have bought the kit to make a blind for my French doors - but I need to give that some more thought.

So I leave this post with a note of tomorrows essential jobs:-

  1. Make 2nd blind for daughter's bedroom
  2. paint woodwork in my bedroom
  3. paint black beam in kitchen
  4. re-cover the kitchen chairs in the black fabric
  5. Cook Sunday Roast for the whole family of 7
Not so essential, but nice to do, will be some scatter cushions for the lounge and my bedroom, and a runner for my bed, but these can be done during the evenings.

Of course I still have to clear up my sewing room which is acting as a temporary storage room, and rehome all the fabrics I removed from the set of draws I brought down for my bedroom - but I am getting there.

We have another bank holiday here in the UK next week for the 2nd May day holiday - I am hoping to take the Friday off too so I can perhaps indulge in some nice "me" sewing because I am getting withdrawl sysmptons.  Kathryn aka fzxdoc from the Stitcher's Guild site said that she has been needing to make some blinds for her house for a couple of years now but give her a dart any day ---- Kathryn if you are reading this, I know exactly what you mean now. 

Hopefully I will find the time to find my camera (last photos taken on the phone), but it all looks lovely and I am shattered and need to go to bed.

more later....................

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  1. Hi there! i just read your comment on my blog. I can't help it but orange and black always makes me think of Hallowee'en! Lol. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. it means a lot.
    I love your Roman shades. I hear they are hard to make . But you seem to have it figured out very well indeed!.