Sunday, 15 May 2011

my weekend job update

Well yesterday was pretty "full-on" - firstly I must have the most annoying birds in the UK who seem to think that they should wake me up around 5-30am singing their little hearts out.  Now don't get me wrong - I love my birds and have a bird feeder sitting outside my newly installed french doors so I can watch them feeding, but at 5:30am in the morning my enthusiasm diminishes in preference to sleep especially as the alarm goes off at 6am every day and there is bearly an time to get back to sleep.

Anyhow, now I have vented about the birds (who on this lovely Sunday) repeated their morning alarm for me, over my tea and coffee I was reviewing my list.

I managed to get loads completed yesterday assisted by Mike and Lewis who I directed better than those Toyota car factory workers:-

  • putting the glass shelves up in the lounge - DONE
  • putting the floating shelves up in the kitchen- DONE
  • removing the large shelves in my bedroom- DONE
  • remove smaller shelf from my bedroom and give to DD- DONE
  • putting up my cabinet for my china ornaments- DONE
  • Hang the large mirror in the lounge - DONE
  • fill the holes in the bedroom where we removed the old shelves- DONE
  • put 2nd coat of paint on the ceiling my bedroom- DONE
  • paint the walls my bedroom- DONE
  • put up the wallpaper in my bedroom (thankfully only one wall to create a "feature" wall)- DONE finished at 8:30pm last night
  • buy a new light for the bedroom and another chrome light switch & 2 sockets- DONE

So all in all I was very pleased and even managed a couple of things not on my list - venetian blind for front door and the new French doors.

Now I had to make a bit of a sacrifice last night - my TV in my bedroom was previously on a very very large shelf (installed for my mother when she was alive) which was so difficult to get down I had always left it when I decorated before.  Well in my complete house revamp (nope I don't do anything by half - if it is like a marathon up hill then I will be doing it) I decided it was time to take all the old shelves down, fill in the holes and paint.  Still I digress - my sacrifice - I EMPTIED ONE OF MY IKEA DRAW SETS (the holder of my fabric stash) TO PUT IN THE BEDROOM FOR THE TV TO SIT ON AND TO STORE MY D MIKE'S CLOTHES.

Now I can hear my fellow sewing enthusiasts gasping in horror at the thought of this, but rest assured, on my way home from work on Wednesday night when I more or less pass the IKEA shop, I will purchase a new set so my precious stash can feel safe again.

So as soon as I post this blog, I am going to get out the Roman blind instructions and get on with some sewing.  My DS (Lewis) is coming over this afternoon to finish some of the jobs he had left to do, namely the boiler door, the fuse box cover and get him to put up my Roman blind tracks --- the rest then is sadly down to me. 

Sunday's jobs.

  • Lewis to make a fuse box
  • re-install the door over my boiler
  • paint the black beam in the kitchen (may have to wait until next weekend)
  • Make 2 x Roman Blinds for lounge
  • recover the footstools in leftover curtain fabric (may have to wait until next weekend)
  • putting up the Roman blind tracks
  • cook Sunday roast for all the family - its my D Mike's birthday on Wednesday so this will be my family's special day for him. 
 I bet some of you are thinking why hasn't she put any photo's on this blog ----- well if I could lay my hand on the camera I would - but it is hiding somewhere upstairs and will probably not come to light until I have finished tidying up all the mess and finding homes for all the things I no long want on display in my bedroom, lounge or kitchen.
MD Mike went to his other un-lived in home last night, predominately to see his son but because the sailing season has started in full swing now so he had an early start to get to the sailing club - he should have stayed here - my dawn chorus would have woken him up in time.
Best make a start - If I find my camera I will take some photos of my Roman Blind sewing experience.


  1. WOW!!!! you are super woman...

  2. Well not quite - only got one blind finished and my son didn't want to do too much when he came round so I could only manage to persuade him to put in the screws for my headboard, and put up the fittings for the two blinds in the lounge.

    The up side was that my beautiful granddaughter came with him and her mum for dinner so it is always great to see them.

    Have your glass of wine but I still have loads to do.