Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nearly there now on to some sewing - 7 x Roman Blinds

Well I have finished painting my last window in the lounge last night and I have to say living in a twee cottage is great, but those Georgian windows are a killer - 24 panes for each window.  Have painted the two windows in the lounge and the door (also Georgian style), and the two windows in my DD's bedroom so that now just leaves my bedroom.  I am close to losing the will to live now.

I have tried to do something each evening after work to make the most of this weekend because remember I started all this the weekend before Easter.

Thursday night I was removing the ruffle tape from my original curtains ready to give them a new image as a Roman Blind.  I have found quite a good You Tube clip from Terrell Sundermann.

Terrell shows you how to make the complete blind, however when I paid my local hardware shop a visit it worked out more expensive to purchase all the individual components than it did for me to buy a ready made Kit - so I used my friend Google to search for some kits and ordered them.  

The kits arrived on Thursday, however didn't include Roman blind tape (which I had to dash out and buy yesterday) and I am now deciding how best  to make them up.  I purchased one pair of black curtains (in the sale of course) and I am going use them to put a black stripe down the centre of the blinds - so black in the middle and cream either side.  I googled a few images and this gave a really nice look.

So jobs for this weekend include:
  • putting the glass shelves up in the lounge
  • putting up the Roman blind tracks
  • putting the floating shelves up in the kitchen
  • removing the large shelves in my bedroom
  • remove smaller shelf from my bedroom and give to DD
  • putting up my cabinet for my china ornaments
  • Hang the large mirror in the lounge
  • Lewis to make a fuse box
  • re-install the door over my boiler
  • fill the holes in the bedroom where we removed the old shelves
  • put 2nd coat of paint on the ceiling
  • paint the walls
  • put up the wallpaper in my bedroom (thankfully only one wall to create a "feature" wall)
  • buy a new light for the bedroom and another chrome light switch & 2 sockets
  • paint the black beam in the kitchen
  • Make 2 x Roman Blinds for lounge
  • recover the footstools in leftover curtain fabric.
Now in an ideal world, I would have all of this done by the close of day on Sunday but I doubt that will happen.  I need to find some fabric for my bedroom because the colour scheme will be mink and blue --- I think I have some mink fabric in my stash, but not sure about the blue.  Also my DD's bedroom will also need the blinds made - Think I can get away with using the cream curtains, but not sure if I should use the black trim on her's.  Will see how the lounge ones turn out and then decide.

Wish me luck - hopefully in a couple of weeks I can restore some calm and order to the house and get back to some nice sewing projects.


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  1. Hello Ms. Super Woman. If you get that all done by Sunday evening let us know and I will pure myself a glass of wine and toast to you. Good Luck.