Sunday, 15 May 2011

not as far as I hoped for

I didn't quite get as far as I wanted, but had a full day nonetheless.

My first job was to finish clearing the decorating tools left over from last night - at 11pm last night, I was just too tired to do anything more.  That took a little while.  Next was to work out how to make the Roman Blind.  I am recycling my old curtains and adding a black stripe down the middle of the blind so first step was to calculate the amount for the middle section and those on each side.

Because I am using curtains rather than fabric, and because I am being thrifty with my time, I was trying to save the hemmed edges and bottom.  I removed the ruffle tape from the black curtains by snipping the first few stitches and then just ripping the tape off (like I did with the cream curtains), sadly the black fabric was rather flimsy and the fabric ripped.  I couldn't cut the ripped part off because I wouldn't have enough fabric so had figure out a way of dealing with the ripped fabric (yes I know it was my fault). for the ripped area I stitched a cream tube and stitched across the ripped area.

first I attached the cream fabric to the black central piece and then did the same with the lining - so far so good.  I had added some black out fabric to my old curtains by hand, so wanted the sandwich the black-out fabric between the fashion fabric and the lining (this was a little fiddly).

Next stage was to put a 1.5" hem on the top and sew on the Velcro (loop tape) followed by the Roman blind tape with a 10.5" space between each one.  This proved difficult with the bulk of the fabric getting it through the arm of the machine.  I have heard that the use of bulldog clips helps (but of course I didn't have any). 

I sewed a 2"hem to slip the bottom pole through and then I was ready to hang the blind.

It looks OK, but I think I need a pelmet so will cover some thin wood with the cream or black (haven't made up my mind yet) and then I will be happy.

More later (haven't found the camera yet).

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  1. Your moving along, looking forward to seeing the pictures.