Friday, 2 September 2011

Another weekend and no time for sewing - and a sad tale

So Sunday should have been the wedding of my Niece, the middle daughter of my twin sister.  However 3 weeks ago her fiancée told her he didn't love her any more and didn't want to go ahead with the wedding and then proceeded to cancel all the wedding arrangements.

I found my Niece sitting on my doorstep at an hour far too early for a 24 year old, wanting to see my daughter, her cousin and best friend, to unload her sad tale. My daughter wasn't home, so Francesca  unloaded all her troubles on to me and one of her worries was that my other sister, her son and daughter-in-law were flying down from Scotland tomorrow for the wedding.  Before I could stop myself, I said "don't worry, we will have a "lucky escape" party for everyone here............................................

As mentioned in a previous post I only got back from Houston on Saturday morning, and Monday my darling Mike and I spent our first working week in the flat in London.

This means that already today I have:-

  • cycled to the main line train station early this morning, and taken the train to my home town and then cycled home which involved getting up a very very steep hill
  • put my washing on to get out on the line to dry
  • done a full day's work
  • taken my car for a MOT during the lunch period
  • Managed to lock myself out of my house so had to call my daughter to come home from work and let me back into the house
  • shopped for food for the party and extra items for the flat that we realised that we needed and didn't have
  • cooked a big pot of chilli con carne (for tomorrow to feed the troops)
  • mowed the lawn (and its now 8:30pm) 
I am taking a quick break to type this and catch my breath and debating if I should start cleaning the house now or just have a shower and put my pj's on and have an early start tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to slow cook a belly of pork, make cakes, cook a fish stew, clean the house, collect my granddaughter and daughter-in-law (she doesn't drive and my son is working in Naples in Italy), find the gazebo and get the young men (who will have hopefully turned up by midday) and get them to put this up before everyone else turns up.

Now I can hear you all saying "where in all this is her D Mike".  Well he has to stay at the flat in London tonight to wait for the kitchen worktop fitters to arrive tomorrow morning.  We decided that we wanted a glass worktop (it looks fantastic, well the sample does), but when the company came to fit it last week, the elevator door closed on the end of the worktop and they had to take it away and make a new worktop because needless to say the end was damaged.  I just hope they are not late and don't experience any more problems because I need Mike back here as early as possible tomorrow to help me out - even if its just serving drinks to our guests.

My Sister doesn't leave until Monday and I too am off on another business trip to The Hague - so no sewing for me boo hooo and I am really behind reading the PatternReview Daily Digest and even further behind on all the posts on the Sewing Discussions at Stitcher's Guild Forum. 

The only sewing news I have is the following:-

JoAnn's is having pattern sales this month. 
Sept 2-5 ...$0.99 McCalls
Sept 2-5 ...$3.99 Vogue
Sept 8-10..$1.99 Simplicity
Sept 8-10..$2.49 Burda

I won a bid on a Horn sewing cabinet which I will pick up as soon as I can (not sure when) and put it here in my sewing room.

Have a good weekend one and all - wish me luck...........................................

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