Monday, 12 September 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I thought I had better just pop something on my blog in case you all think I have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Last week I was in The Hague for work - and I only had a couple of days back in the cottage to clean the house and to continue working on my sewing room/office mammoth clean up, and make another trip up to the flat with all those things that we realised that we didn't have in London and are impossible to take up by bike on the train.

I took a trip to Ikea Friday night to purchase more containers for my larder and some more brilliant zip up storage bags to try and keep things in my sewing room dust free along with a long table top and adjustable height legs.

Saturday I had a Spa day purchased for me, and despite the fact I really didn't have time to go, not to mention the 154 mile round trip - I left home for my spa day.  How wonderful I can hear you all saying...............hmmmmm.

I was in such a rush to get to the venue on time, I left the voucher that we had given for myself, my D Mike's mother and his 4 sisters at home.  Mike's family were already there sipping a cup of tea while filling out their lunch choices and the usual health spa form, all very much looking forward to their treat.  I ordered a cup of tea and then went to get my form.  The first thing the lady said was "have you brought your voucher".... No I said, we gave all the voucher numbers etc. at the time we booked the day.  "oh dear said the lady, I am so sorry we MUST have the voucher so you will have to pay for all 6 again !!!!!!!!!

I was ushered to the payments counter, paid the large amount again and told to send the receipt and the voucher back if I wanted to be reimbursed the 2nd payment (note to self LOOK FOR THAT VOUCHER AS SOON AS I GET HOME).  Before I could get back to get my cup of tea, the young lady who was responsible for my back and neck massage was leading me to the treatment room while telling me that because my treatment was due to commence at 10:30 it would have to be reduced because we were now running late.

So lets get this clear, this is my lovely relaxing day so far:-

No lay-in Saturday morning because I had to drive 77 miles to be at the venue before 10:30 (arrived at 10:15am).  I never got to drink my tea, I had to pay another large amount of money before any of us could have our treatments, and my relaxing massage was going to be much shorter than expected..............  I laid on the massage table thinking this is just getting better and better, while trying to work out how I was meant to relax when I was so worked up!

I am glad to say that the remainder of the day went fairly smoothly and I left the venue with a facial, gel manicure and pedicure to meet up with my D Mike for a nice dinner.

Sunday was spent continuing with my mammoth clean-up of my sewing room which you may recall from a previous post used to be my middle son's bedroom which he painted a delightful shade of dark blue!!!!!!!!!!!.

One of my Ikea purchases Friday night was a long table to house my sewing machine, overlocker/serger and embroidery machine. I thought it would be much easier to scoot along on my office chair between machines if I was using more than the one machine.  The  existing smaller table that I used have my serger on has now been used to create a lovely L-shaped workstation which is very useful whether I am sewing or working at my desk because I can just roll my chair over to it if I just need a table to lay out papers etc., or perhaps lay out a garment I am sewing.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of my progress.

I have painted inside the alcove space white (still have a lot more painting to do), and I am in the middle of putting up roller blinds to keep the area looking more tidy.  My fabric is now in clear large containers so I can see the fabrics easily, however I want to sort them into light-weight and suiting weight etc.  My patterns fill a 3-drawer unit just under the TV (another job is to sort them by pattern company).  I have another long table the same size as the one I just bought with a cutting board on top which I use for cutting out on (not shown in this picture due to the fact I have lots of things on it while clearing up the space).

A recent sale purchase is the lovely leather relaxer chair.  I purchased this for my sewing room, but it has been residing in my lounge and has been much used by myself and anyone else who comes to the house - it is soooooooooooooo comfortable.  Still I bought it for upstairs so took up last night so that when I take a break from work to have a cup of tea, or want to read a book, magazine, work papers etc., I have something very very comfortable to do it in.

Friday I am flying to KL, so later today I will have to take my bicycle and anything else I need for my trip with me to the flat in London where I will be living until I fly on Friday.  Sadly I don't get to enjoy the nice tidy room but I will be with my D Mike in our lovely flat London.

More later when I return from KL, if I am very lucky I will be able to purchase some fabric to bring back with me.

more later.............................

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