Saturday, 3 September 2011

Home study for my sewing

For some time I have been thinking how can I incorporate my sewing into my dual home lifestyle.  I keep thinking that perhaps I can cut out a garment I want to sew, take it to London with me, but then I wouldn't have my serger/overlocker; embroidery machine to hand if I wanted to use them because I will only have my old Viking sewing machine in London, and then the light bulb went off as they say.

I am going to use my sewing space in London for my own home study time.  I have a selection of books and DVD's that I have bought  showing me how to make the perfect welt pocket, or perfect bias binding or perfect top-stitching etc etc and this is an ideal time for me to do small projects and start my workbooks with my own favourite tips etc.

If you read my blog yesterday you know I have the family turning up today so why am I on here blogging.................. because my daughter Lauren and Francesca went out with all their friends last night and were meant to be coming home.............. I got a text at 4:20am to let me know she would be staying at her boyfriends tonight and then at 7:15am her alarm went off on her mobile phone she left in her room which woke me up. Oh hum.

so I have managed to put my pork in the oven, made myself a cup of tea and toast and am now going to get cleaning.

Last but not least, I am watching a re-run of of Oprah and just saw this:-


Have a shirt that plunges a little too low? Forget the dickie—get a Chickie! "You clip it on onto your bra so it allows you to wear cleavage-baring and low-cut tops during the day and makes a lot of things more appropriate," Adam says.

Chickies come in 17 different colors and cost $33 each.

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What a brilliant idea.

More later......................................

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