Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shopping in KL

I make a point to trying to shop for fabric now when I travel abroad and here in KL I wanted to purchase some silk and some cotton batik, a speciality out here in Maylasia. 

 I found this lovely piece of red batik in one of the local open-air markets for RM19 (around £4).
 Here are 2 beautiful pieces of silk - this was a little more expensive at RM168 (around £50) but I should have enough to make two silk tops so I am happy with that.

The street we were shopping in had lots and lots of shops all selling silk, and cotton etc.  To see the bales of fabrics all sitting on the shop floor of this shop was very amusing.

KL is an amazing vibrant country - shopping is quite an experience.  Of course I bought lots of other items such as reading glasses, some long distance glasses (now much needed) sunglasses and even had my eyes tested and ordered some tinted varifocal glasses too.

That is about all the time I have for shopping - I have to go back and collect my glasses but am really happy with all my purchases.

Best get on with some work now.  More later.......................


  1. For us sewists , Fabric is the best souvenirs - good to make use of these opportunities to buy something more unique. I am sure you will be making something lovely with these. I do hope you get to experience more of Malaysia than just work.

  2. Hi Janine

    sadly I only managed the one shopping trip and flew back yesterday so still a little jet-lagged.

    Fabric has been washed and still looks good.